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The Medicine Dolls

The Medicine Doll’s First Full Length // Filth and Wisdom

With 5 EPs and an extensive touring history both in and out of SA under their belt, the Doll’s first full-length offering is an ostentatious ode to the weathered punks and upstart rebels. Formed by frontman Greg Allan and bassist Bex Nicholas in 2016, the Dolls strike a haunting image with their punkabilly sensibilities.

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Fish Bowl Living - MVZ

Inhale, and exhale atmospheric dance with “Fish Bowl Living” by MVZ

Fish Bowl Living is a welcome surprise from Mark Van Zyl (MVZ); 5 ‘dance’ tracks exploring a relationship between Trip Hop delight and ambient beats. The EP shines with a liquid bouquet of bass and sparkly tones all swirling together. With ecstatic sampling and subliminal presence, the EP subverts the sonic foreground and crafts a glass cage of merging sounds.

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Banana Brains Video Premiere

Premiere // Banana Brains live at The Hit House

Recorded live at home during lockdown, the three videos feature Colin and Angela von Cock performing their songs with suitably warm yet deadpan introspection. Fittingly, the heavily-distorted lyrics mull over feelings of paranoia, isolation and disconnection, and amid the layers of guitar loops and drum patterns, they paint an almost sunny picture of their circumstances.

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