YNDIAN MYNAH release single and music video “Designasaurs”

Yndian Mynah

Featured photo by Thomas Pepler.

On their 2019 debut album Velvet Youth, Yndian Mynah established themselves as a “third-wave” post rock group capable of experimenting with the formula for crescendo-heavy instrumental guitar music with enough playfulness to distinguish themselves from the frequently self-serious sincerity of their peers.

The group’s new single, Designasaurs, builds on these strengths to great effect. Named for Tool guitarist Adam Jones’s previous work as a set designer on Jurassic Park, the track reflects the growth and change in the band and their influences in the months since releasing and touring Velvet Youth. Crisp and expansive production provides range and breathing room that highlights the interwoven rhythms and textures between instruments, and an embrace of progressive chops and changes keep listening varied and engaging throughout.

D COVER Yndian Mynah
Designasaurs cover by ENDER (Pieter Jordaan).

Many groups have attempted to combine instrumental technicality with a collage of specific and anecdotal conceptual influences, and very few have succeeded in anything short of an academic exercise. The fact that Yndian Mynah do so with the sincerity and good humour to create music this accessible and engaging is something of a relief, as the group announces the release of their second album on The Good Times Co Records in 2021. 

The accompanying music video by Pieter Jordaan provides aesthetic continuity from the material produced for the band’s earlier material, and while remaining as beautiful as ever, the hazily nostalgic collage of footage belies the heady catharsis of the track.

Above all, Designasaurs does its namesake justice, going a long way to capture the combination of technical accomplishment, wonder and heart that made the creations of Jurassic Park leave such a mark on the band’s members in the first place.

Designasaurs is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and most other streaming platforms.

The music video premiered on Worldhaspostrock on 25 September. Watch it below:

Black Sheep Barcelona Yndian Mynah
Photo by Martin Smith.
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