The highly anticipated first single from Cape Town’s post-punk supergroup Holograph is here

Holograph Video Still by Barry De Villiers

Holograph has released a visually surreal treat filmed in Tankwa Karoo, Simon’s Town, Tokai and Namibia. From Within offers a striking observation into the inner machinations of an intensely visceral but irrational reality of a dream. As soft earth is moulded in water and shifting sands are dug away, mysterious figures both human and animal look on and reflect Ines Soutschka’s echoing chorus of internal conflict against the deceptive backdrop of ‘inner dream-like peace’. The track’s bass and surf chords ebb and flow as a warm, lingering synth hum punctuates and orders the dreamscape before a sonic frenzy scrambles amid warbling chants.

How will I know? If I’ve lost control?

Both lyrical and visual presentation leave the listener gasping for air as if abruptly awoken from a deep slumber, disturbing the dream that quickly escapes memory. Through a series of vignettes depicting intensely focused figures as they engage and communicate through primordial symbols and elements, the video – directed by Ines Soutschka and Warren Fisher and shot by Barry De Villiers – interrogates the shifting reality of self-reflection and self-destruction.

Also, Desmond Kannemeyer on a horse. Watch below:

Stream Holograph’s Debut Single:
Holograph Band
Photo by Mark Reitz.