Glitch Culture

Author: Andrew Marais

Teenage Blob Cover

Interview // Team Lazerbeam – Teenage Blob: Weaponised Cuteness and the Future of Interactive Punk

Modernising the traditional punk collab, Teenage Blob is a split-release album from Team Lazerbeam and The Superweaks as they wreak havoc across ‘Capeadelphia’ with wacky handcrafted care. Colourful and nonsensical, this ‘split-album’ in the form of six genre-bending video games wrapped up into one adventure lets you live out your teenage [blob] punk-rock fantasies.

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The Medicine Dolls

The Medicine Doll’s First Full Length // Filth and Wisdom

With 5 EPs and an extensive touring history both in and out of SA under their belt, the Doll’s first full-length offering is an ostentatious ode to the weathered punks and upstart rebels. Formed by frontman Greg Allan and bassist Bex Nicholas in 2016, the Dolls strike a haunting image with their punkabilly sensibilities.

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Fish Bowl Living - MVZ

Inhale, and exhale atmospheric dance with “Fish Bowl Living” by MVZ

Fish Bowl Living is a welcome surprise from Mark Van Zyl (MVZ); 5 ‘dance’ tracks exploring a relationship between Trip Hop delight and ambient beats. The EP shines with a liquid bouquet of bass and sparkly tones all swirling together. With ecstatic sampling and subliminal presence, the EP subverts the sonic foreground and crafts a glass cage of merging sounds.

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