Return to Worm Mountain unleash acoustic, acid-folk musings on the unsuspecting masses

Return to Worm Mountain

Messily coherent, Acoustic Tracks 2020 came into existence as a collection of American-Primitive-inspired acoustic guitar melodies. A meditation on the group’s folk side over its harsher, noise elements, this release is steadily constructed with an eclectic atmosphere of bluesy psychedelia.

Described by the From Corners Unknown podcast as, “An outlandish cross-pollination of psychedelic synth quirks, verdant folk melodies, acid-churning sludge, and a sundry of timbres balmy, bitter and beatific”, Return to Worm Mountain shifts gears with these acoustic tracks, exploring a wide symphony of blues and folk sounds which mingle with acid-soaked musings and banjo soliloquies. The mood is set as the darkness swells and the sleepless dwell on the opening track, Owls.

Return to Worm Mountain
Owls Typographic by Cam Lofstrand.

Hailing from noise-rock and erratic electronic influences, Cam Lofstrand (Black Math) and Duncan Park explore their gentler, creepier side on this hazy collection with the help of William Randles (Doctor Haphazard’s Magic Factory) on Bad Witch and He’s a Mighty Good Leader. Eschewing Lofstrand’s usual, heavy haunts, this acoustic-folk album opts for Park’s quieter, contemplative side with subtle hints to the electronic freakouts and noise-rock elements familiar to fans of Black Math.

As a result, the album is a reflection of our own interpretation of acoustic folk and blues traditions.

Return to Worm Mountain

With only acoustic-rooted tones as the defining factor, the album ventures into previously unexplored sonic territories for the band. Serving as a view from half-way down, For the Worms draws out a trembling, sonic whine, buttressing the ominous and unsettling lyrics as an electronic freakout grows into an eerie, alien interlude.

Feel the soil on your skin

The Earth that you have sunken in

Return your body to the worms

And leave your misery to burn

With a subtle mention of a potential comic book/zine crafted from Lofstrand’s original artwork to accompany the release, the duo/trio is hardly done with 2020 just yet. Having already released the decidedly heavy Therianthropy earlier this year, it can be assured that we will be making the pilgrimage back to Worm Mountain for more, soon.

Return to Worm Mountain
Bad Witch art by Cam Lofstrand.
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Return to Worm Mountain Album Art
Acoustic Tracks 2020 Album Art by Duncan Park.